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Rules and Regulations

1. Aim of the competition

Promotion of mountain biking and bike touring in Europe
Promotion of local, regional, and international trails and recreational resorts.
Selection the best riders in the 16th international MTB stage race in Poland.
Promotion of healthy lifestyle and active R&R.

2. Name of the event

Sudety MTB Challenge

3. Organizers

G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko
ul. Wspólna 18
05-092 Lomianki

Contact information:

Official website:

Bank account information:
Account Number (IBAN): PL 17 1140 2004 0000 3012 0011 0247
Account Name: G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko
Account Address: ul. Wspolna 18, 05-092 Lomianki, Poland

4. Date of the event

July 26 - July 30, 2021

5. Stages

Stage 1, Monday, July 26 - Stronie Slaskie
Stage 2, Tuesday, July 27 - Stronie Slaskie
Stage 3, Wednesday, July 28 - Bardo - Gluszyca
Stage 4, Thursday, July 39 - Gluszyca
Stage 5, Friday, July 30 - Gluszyca

Approximate overall race length:
- 270 km (distance CLASSIC)
- 210 km (distance MEGA)

Approximate altitude difference:
- 9 800 m (distance CLASSIC)
- 7 300 m (distance MEGA)

6. Participation

Participants of Sudety MTB Challenge have to fulfill the following conditions:
Fill out the application form available on By filling out the entry form, the riders accept the following clause:
"Disclaimer of Warranties. The Organizer shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from the organization of the race before, during or after the said race. Riders taking part in the race expressly agree that the participation remains at their sole risk. The Participant is liable for all damages which may rise caused in whole or in part by their or others' negligence or other fault of the parties or persons they are hereby releasing. By signing this disclaimer, the Participant waives, releases and gives up any claims, demands, liability damages, costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever, including personal injuries or wrongful death, against the Organizer or his contractors. I am aware of any potential hazards and I fully understand that I am forever giving up in advance any right to sue or make claim against the parties I am releasing. I agree to obey the orders of the security forces on the course and to observe the Rules & Regulations of the Race. I agree to the above terms and conditions and I enter my participation in the race. I release pictures, film recordings or interviews with me for the public use by the press, radio or television. By signing below, I agree, warrant and covenant the Rules & Regulations of the Race. I filled out the entry form truthfully and completely. I agree to the processing of my personal data by G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko based in Łomianki, as per the Law of August 29 1997 On the Protection of Personal Data (Dz.U.Nr 133, poz.883)."

Submit payment of the entry fee for the chosen race package before the final sign-up date. The original proof of payment must be retained for inspection at the Organizer's Office before the start.

Sign the starting list before the race.

Only riders above the age of 18 years (on the event date) can participate in the event.

All riders participate at their own responsibility.

All riders must wear a rigid bike helmet during the race.

7. Divisions

MAN - two male riders in a team
WOMAN - two female riders in a team
MIX - male and female in a team
MASTERS - team of two riders whose cumulative ages exceed 80 years.
MASTERS 100 - team of two riders whose cumulative ages exceed 100 years.

SOLO MAN (individual):
M1 - men born in 1992-2003
M2 - men born in 1982-1991
M3 - men born in 1972-1981
M4 - men born in 1971 and older

SOLO WOMAN (indyvidual)
W1 - women born in 1982 - 2003
W2 - women born in 1981 and older

8. Fees for withdrawing from race 

If the decision of withdrawal is communicated before April 30th, 2021, the participant will be reimbursed 50% of the race fees. After April 30th, 2021 or in case of withdrawal from the race, the entry fee will not be refunded.
Changes in team composition up to 30 days before the event are free of charge. Within the month preceding the event all changes in team composition shall be possible at a charge of 50 EUR.
In case of disqualification or withdrawal from the running race the entry fee shall not be refunded.

9. Rules of the competition

Sudety MTB Challenge shall abide by the following rules.

All disputes shall be resolved by the College of Commissaries together with the Organizer of Sudety MTB Challenge.

Race eligibility: teams of two riders and are eligible to compete in the race without changing of the registered team members.

Number of riders competing in the Sudety MTB Challenge is limited to 300 riders (Solo and Teams). Order of entries is sorted by the accounting date of the entry fee on the organizer's bank account.

Members of one team are obligated to complete the course of Sudety MTB Challenge together. Time difference between both riders may not exceed 20 seconds.

Race time entered into the general classification is the time of the second rider in the team or the time of the solo rider in his/her category.

The team and the solo rider with the lowest cumulative time at the end of the full five stages Sudety MTB Challenge race in its respective division shall be the winner of the general classification.

The team and the solo rider with the lowest time at the end of the stage is the stage winner.

Number plates damaged beyond identification or missing shall be penalized by the Commissaries.

Only mountain bikes in good technical condition are allowed for use in the race. The responsibility for the technical condition of a bike lies solely on the rider.

Official doctor of Sudety MTB Challenge reserves the right to withdraw a rider unable to continue the race from the competition.

Start of all stages shall be at 10 a.m. (start stage 3 will be at 11:00 a.m.). The start line shall remain open for 10 minutes from the start signal. Riders starting after that time shall not be included in the stage classification and shall not be qualified to complete the race.

Start line order of riders for both team and solo categories shall be sorted according to Open general classification results:
» 1st sector: positions 1 through 30,
» 2nd sector: positions 31 through 60,
» 3rd sector: positions below 61.

Start sectors shall be open at 9.30 a.m.

The cut-off time to reach the finishing line of stages 1-5 shall be at 5 p.m. The cut-off time to reach the final stage finish line shall be announced separately in the pre-stage briefing on the last day of the event.

Teams and solo riders exceeding the cut-off time are permitted to continue the race but shall not be included in the general classification. In exceptional cases the organizer may allow for the late team or the solo rider to be classified after submitting a motion by the team's captain.

Stage winners must be present at the award ceremony that shall take place after every stage (approx. at 6.00 p.m.).

The course of each stage shall be marked and supervised by Commissaries and medical rescue teams.

The course of each stage shall include check-points. Failing to pass a single check-point shall result in disqualification.

There will be feed zones on the course of the Sudety MTB Challenge stages.

Team members may not get any technical support from any third parties.

All equipment repairs or other situations requiring the team to stop must be within the course visibility without obstructing the course for other riders.

10. Classification

The team and the solo rider with the lowest cumulative time at the end of the full course of five stages of Sudety MTB Challenge in its respective division shall be the winner of the general classification. In case of two or more teams completing the course of five stages in the same total time, the winning team in the general classification shall be decided by the higher position in the last stage.

After each stage, the leading team and the leading solo rider in the general classification shall be named. In case of two or more teams or solo riders completing the course of the stage in the same time, the winning team or the solo rider in the general classification shall be decided by the higher position in the stage before announcing the general classification results.

11. Awards

The organizer shall award the best three teams and best three solo riders in their respective divisions. Division winners shall be awarded with sport prizes.

The three winning teams and three winning solo riders of each stage must be present at the award ceremony held immediately after the completion of each stage and in the final awards ceremony.

12. Penalties

The College of Commissaries together with the organizer may impose the following penalties:
1. Verbal warning.
2. Time penalty.
3. Disqualification.

A team or a solo rider can be penalized by the Organizer for the following offences:
» not wearing rigid helmets,
» dropping litter (except the special zone of 200 m behind every food station) ,
» not respecting the countryside,
» third repeated offence of time difference exceeding 20 seconds between riders of the same team,
» mechanical failures of the equipment resulting in lowered riding safety,
» behaving in unsporting manner,
» pushing or pulling of a rider by third parties,
» infringements of traffic regulations.
In case of disqualification, the organizer shall not refund the entry fee.

13. Withdrawing a team from the race 

Teams or solo riders withdrawing from the competition during the Sudety MTB Challenge, irrespective of any reasons for the withdrawal shall inform the organizer before the start or after the completion of a stage.

In case of withdrawing from the competition during the course of a stage, the riders must notify the organizer by calling the mobile number: +48 501 26 33 00 in order to prevent a rescue action.

In case of not notifying the organizer of the withdrawal and launching a rescue operation, the cost of such rescue operation shall be borne entirely by the missing team.

In emergencies, bearing in mind the well being of a team, the Organizer with the race doctor reserves the right to withdraw a team or a solo rider from the competition.

14. Luggage transportation

The organizer shall provide the transportation of the riders' luggage of no more than 30 kilograms per team packed into two bags, at most (additional option).

Riders are required to deliver their luggage the latest at 8.30 a.m. (afterwards it shall not be taken) and to collect their luggage before 8.00 p.m. after completing each stage.

Organizers of the Sudety MTB Challenge shall not be held liable for the theft of any items.

15. Compulsory equipment of each rider

» at least 1,5 liter of drinks,
» energy bars or energy gels,
» basic toolkit for bike repairs,
» spare inner tube,
» a pump
» GPS device

16. Recommended equipment of each rider

The Sudety MTB Challenge is a stage race in which riders follow the course of a marked trail. We recommend that riders carry a cyclometer and a mobile phone.

17. Traffic

The Sudety MTB Challenge shall take place with unrestricted road traffic.

In Poland on public roads riders must keep to the right lane and unconditionally observe all statutory traffic regulations.

Riders must exercise extreme caution for vehicles crossing the course from farming fields, country and forest roads or building drive-ins.

The organizer shall not be held liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the course of the race.

18. Filing protests

Protests to the Chief Commissary can be submitted in written form during the course of the event. A protest must be accompanied with a deposit of 100 PLN. The deposit shall not be returned unless the Chief Commissary with the Organizer consent to the validity of the claim. The Chief Commissary's decision is final.

19. Additional information

The organizer shall not be held liable for accidents en route to and from the event.

All riders take part in the competition at their responsibility.

The organizer shall not be held liable for missing items during the course of the event.

The organizer shall not be held liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the course of the race.

Failure to read and understand these Rules & Regulations shall not be deemed as an excuse.

Persons riding bicycles on the course of the race without a valid number plate shall be kept off the course.

The course of the race includes steep climbs and dangerous downhill sections.

The Marathon shall be held rain or shine, irrespectively of the weather conditions.

The Organizer reserves the right to call off the event due to natural disasters or a "force majeure".

All riders are requested not to litter on the course of the race and to respect the countryside.

The Organizer shall not refund the entry fee due to a withdrawal during the race.

The competitor signs the Entry Form and accepts the Rules & Regulations of the Race, and allows for the processing of the personal data.

The Organizer with the Chief Commissary reserves the right of interpretation of these Rules & Regulations and the right of adjusting thereof.
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